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    Chicago Diamond Buyer - A Qualified Jewelry Buyer around Norridge, IL

    Do you hope to sell diamonds or other fine jewelry ? Various web-based sales venues exist nowadays, jewelry owners don’t always receive sensible deals for jewelry or gemstones sold via the Internet.

    The experience of selling diamonds or other precious jewelry internet may prove to be stressful and unfulfilling. Think about arranging to easily sell your fine jewelry to Chicago Diamond Buyer located in downtown Chicago instead! We acquire single pieces and whole collections. As a respected local diamond purchaser, our agency will definitely look at both certified and non-certified diamonds.


    Learn About Us

    You’ll value the structured buying treatments we’ve developed if you need a purchaser who buys diamonds in volume. Our firm has received an exceptional credibility as an experienced jewelry and diamond buyer.

    We document all purchases. In addition, you will get cash for diamonds by selling to us. Our buying procedure does not involve any responsibility or dedication; as soon as you get our deal, you can pick to accept it, or not. We won’t push you to make a sales choice.

    With over twenty years of experience in the diamond industry, we have an intimate understanding of the diamond market.

    Get an objective examination of your diamonds and heritage jewelry from our gemologist. We delight in sharing our understanding about diamonds with people.

    Customers enjoy performing deals with our company. We exemplify a no-pressure, expert choice for selling fine jewelry independently around the Norridge, IL area.

    We provide a number of important benefits for jewelry sellers:

        • You’ll get efficient, respectful treatment;
        • We buy loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, and quality jewelry;
        • You can easily carry out your transaction in total security;
        • Sell off in a relaxed, friendly setting;
        • Our team examine fine jewelry without charge or obligation;
        • We provide cash offers and completely record our transactions.
        • Acquire a truthful professional examination of your jewelry;

    Our Six-Step Evaluation Method

    We have actually created an efficient process for providing bids to buy diamonds and pieces of jewelry. We use these six stages:

    1. Paperwork: Prior to your meeting with us, pull together any easily available paperwork relating to the jewelry and diamonds you wish to sell for cash. We will consider previous appraisals and documents created by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society, for example.

    2. The Meeting: We’ll set up to meet you by appointment to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your diamonds.

    Education: We check every diamond we purchase thoroughly. We discuss the qualities buyers look for fine diamonds, as well as the existing diamond marketplace.

    4. Estimate: After we examine a diamond or fine jewelry item, we’ll provide a purchase bid to you. You can consider this estimate and take it, or not without pressure or commitment.

    5. Deal: When you accept our offer to purchase your jewelry or diamonds, you’ll receive money right away from our team.

    6. Invoice: We supply a receipt at the time of sale for each purchase transaction we carry out.
    Get Honest, Professional Treatment

    We Service the Norridge Region

    Situated within downtown Chicago, Illinois, we serve diamond and fine jewelry sellers throughout Norridge, IL and nearby communities. We use an outstanding service if you have recently considered where to sell diamonds within Ilinois.

    You’ll value our professionalism and discernment. We make the diamond selling experience straightforward and convenient. Our diamond purchasers in Norridge, IL strive to provide top deals for diamonds.

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    In order to start the process of selling diamonds or fine jewelry to Chicago Diamond Buyer around Norridge, IL, just phone us at (312) 763-5585. You can fill up the basic website contact form on each page.

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