The Process

the way We Determine the Value and Worth of Your Diamonds

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    The Process

    Follow the steps below as we take you through the process to sell your diamond or fine jewelry.

    The diamond valuation process at Chicago Diamond Buyer is very easy as you just need to sit back and let us do the needful. The process includes:

    The Process

    Check for Documentation

    If you have any documentation for your stones or jewelry, make sure to gather it up as it can help with the process.

    But do not worry if you do not have the essential documents or certification of your diamond. We will help you review your diamond and give you the exact certification and valuation of it.

    The Process

    Book an Appointment

    Our gemologists are available throughout the day for assisting our clients and customers. Book your appointment today and discuss your jewelry’s value with our gemologists and get the right price for your diamonds.

    The Process

    Learn About Your Jewelry

    We will help you to understand your jewelry from a standpoint of its visual appearance and its place in the market.  There are many factors that go into the value of your diamonds or jewelry and we want you to know what you have. Our desire is that you fully understand the price we provide.

    The Process

    Valuation of Price

    After your documentation and appointment, our gemologists will run a few quality tests to derive the best price of the diamonds or fine jewelry. We also accept a slight negotiation for your precious stones.

    The Process

    Proposal and Payment

    We will keep the proposal with the deciding price for your diamonds and will wait for your confirmation to finalize the deal and move ahead with the process. Soon after your confirmation, the payment will be transferred or given in hand without any delay. 

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