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    Easily Sell Your Fine Jewelry to a Gary, Illinois Diamond Buyer - Chicago Diamond Buyer!

    Do you want to sell diamonds or other fine jewelry? Despite the fact that lots of on-line marketplaces are out there at present, jewelry sellers do not normally obtain sensible offers for their jewelry or gemstones sold through the Web. Consumers who buy these items through popular auction websites regularly possess no previous jewelry-purchasing experience. They may considerably underestimate exquisite jewelry. Furthermore, sellers often get offers and an effective bidder fails to finish the transaction.

    The method of easily selling diamonds or other fine pieces of jewelry web-based might prove to be difficult and unfulfilling. Look into setting up to sell your exquisite jewelry to Chicago Diamond Buyer located in downtown Chicago rather! We acquire single pieces and whole heritage collections. As a respected regional diamond buyer, our company will certainly look at both non-certified and certified diamonds.


    Our 6 Step Evaluation Procedure

    We have actually created an efficient process for providing offers to acquire diamonds and pieces of jewelry. We use these six stages:


    1. Documentation: Prior to your meeting with us, collect all of the available documentation pertaining to the jewelry or diamonds you prefer to trade for cash. We will take into consideration former appraisals and reports from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society, for example.


    2. Meet-Up: We’ll arrange to have a meeting with you by appointment to carry out a thorough evaluation of your diamonds.


    3. Education: We check every precious stone we acquire thoroughly. We make every effort to give a complete explanation to our clients about each aspect of our evaluation. We explain the qualities purchasers seek in quality diamonds, in addition to the current diamond market.


    4. Proposal: After we examine a diamond or high quality jewelry piece, we’ll give a purchase bid to you. You can consider this estimate and take it, or not without any pressure or responsibility.


    5. Transaction: When you accept our deal to purchase your jewelry or diamonds, you’ll get money instantly from our team.


    6. Receipt: We offer a receipt at the moment of sale for every purchase deal we carry out.
    Get Honest, Professional Treatment


    Our Service Area


    Located in downtown Chicago, Illinois, our company serves fine jewelry and diamond sellers in Gary, IL and nearby places. If you’ve wondered where to easily sell diamonds in Ilinois, we offer an exceptional service.

    You’ll appreciate our expertise and discernment. We make the diamond selling process uncomplicated and convenient. Our diamond buyers in Gary, IL aim to provide leading deals for diamonds and precious jewelry.


    About Our Team

    If you want a buyer who buys diamonds in bulk, you’ll appreciate the streamlined buying procedures we have designed. Our company has actually gained an exceptional reputation as a knowledgeable jewelry and diamond buyer.

    Additionally, you’ll get money for diamonds by selling off to us. Our acquiring procedure does not involve any obligation or commitment; once you get our offer, you can pick to accept it, or not.

    With over twenty years of experience the diamond market, we have an intimate understanding of the diamond market.

    Receive a fair evaluation of your diamonds and estate jewelry from our gemologist. We enjoy sharing our understanding about diamonds with people.


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    In order to begin the process of easily selling diamonds or precious jewelry to Chicago Diamond Buyer in Gary, Illinois, just phone us at (312) 763-5585. Alternatively, you can fill out the basic site inquiry type on every page.

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