Why Selling Your Diamonds & Jewelry Locally In Chicago is The Best Way To Get Most For Your Diamonds & Jewelry

When you sell your Diamonds and Jewelry to a local diamond dealer that is so money benefits: You get an instant offer from a local company. You can get cash today or store credit with no waiting and no hassles. No offers are rejected, unlike online companies that want to sell you other things and …

The Most Expensive Diamonds In The World & What Makes Them So Precious

If you want to know about diamonds, you’ve come to the right place. The most expensive diamond in the world is a blue diamond that was mined in India; it’s appraised at $5 million. There are other gems worth millions of dollars, too: unheated pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and more.   We’ll tell you all …

Get Quick Money During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Fast & Safely in Chicago

Selling your jewelry is a great idea for getting quick money during this coronavirus pandemic. Here is a guide for selling diamond jewelry fast and safely.

Diamond Colors Explained: Does the Color of My Diamond Affect Its Value?

Wondering how the color of your diamond might affect its value? Read our guide and learn everything you should know about diamond colors and value.

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