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    The Best Way to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry (Hint_ It's Not Online) - Chicago Diamond Buyer

    It happens to the best of us: you finally get engaged and realize that your diamond engagement ring is too small, too big, or just not right for your hand.


    Or maybe you’ve been married for a few years and still haven’t found the perfect jewelry to go with all those outfits. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to panic!


    You can sell your old engagement ring and make some money in the process-or at least recoup some of your costs (especially if it was expensive).


    What do I do with my old engagement ring?

    Whether it’s because you’re returning it for resale or because you want cashback on an expensive purchase, taking care of this task is easier than ever. Here are three tips for getting the most cash for your unwanted engagement ring, including two of our favorite retail shops for this service.



    It’s important to know that there are a lot of different jewelry store options out there, so it’s important to figure out which one is best for you and your situation.


    Many retailers will buy back your old engagement ring, and use it in their inventory for resale. More importantly, if you don’t wear it-sell it! Use these tips to make a profit from your old jewelry before you put it in a box and forget about it.



    Once you’ve decided on a retailer, it’s best to make an appointment. The salesperson will be able to give you the most cash for your ring, so if they say “come back later” or “call tomorrow,” don’t do it! Make sure that you let them know upfront that you want to sell your rings and that you don’t want to make a purchase.


    You can negotiate a higher price by bringing in multiple rings, but it’s important not to waste the salesperson’s time if you’re just going to walk out with cash in hand.



    If you want to get the most cash for your jewelry, it’s important to know its value before bringing it in. You don’t need any special skills or tools-just a jeweler’s loupe and a smartphone with access to the internet (and apps like this one ). Once you know how much your ring is worth, though, it’s important to remember that not all jewelers pay the same amount.


    On average, your engagement ring will sell for about 50% of its retail price. For example, if you bought a $3,000 ring and you’re selling it back to the retailer after 3 years, it’s expected that they would give you about $1,500 for it. Of course, that percentage will vary depending on the retailer and your itemized appraisal.


    If you Don’t Wear It Sell It! The best way to sell your unwanted jewelry is through Chicago Diamond Buyer, a family-owned business that has been providing cash for gold, diamonds, and antiques since 1998. We’re proud to offer the highest prices for gold and diamonds in Illinois, and our process is fast and easy.


    If you’re looking to sell back your old engagement ring or diamonds, call us today!


    Chicago Diamond Buyer offers a superior price when selling jewelry back to retailers. We buy back diamonds, engagement rings, watches, gold jewelry, and more.


    Did you know that Chicago Diamond Buyer offers the most cash for your old diamond ring?

    We buy back diamonds, engagement rings, watches, gold jewelry, and more. Call us today to find out what your old engagement ring is worth!


    We operate under a strict code of trust with our customers. To turn a profit from your diamond or gold jewelry, Chicago Diamond Buyer won’t sell it back to the public market.


    We purchase your items at a top cash price and then sell them to one of our trusted industry partners for resale.

    Chicago Diamond Buyer is proud to be accredited on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and we offer free quotes with no obligation. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell back old jewelry.


    You don’t need to sell your old engagement ring on the internet!

    Here at Chicago Diamond Buyer, we offer the highest prices for gold and diamonds in Illinois, and our process is fast and easy. Call us today to find out what your old engagement ring is worth!


    Contact us today to learn more about how much your engagement ring is worth.


    Call today to speak with a diamond buyer or get your free quote! Chicago Diamond Buyer is family-owned and operated, with an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau. We offer cash for diamonds, engagement rings, watches, gold jewelry, and more.


    Chicago Diamond Buyer has offered the highest prices for gold and diamonds in Illinois since 1998!


    Make an appointment with us and bring in multiple rings for a higher cash quote!



    Appointments are preferred at most major jewelry stores, and they may be required depending on what you’re selling. Bring the appraisal that came with your engagement ring and any other documents that can prove its authenticity and value. If you don’t have your papers, don’t worry-many stores will still make an offer on a ring if you have pictures of it.


    It’s important to know that most salespeople won’t outright tell you what cash amount they can give back to you for your old engagement ring. Instead, they’ll use the same tactics as any other retail purchase to try and sell you on their product.


    If your ring is worth more than $1,000, most stores will make an offer before purchasing it back from you. This means that the salesperson will try to get you interested in another item or service they can provide (such as insurance plans, warranties, financing plans). Of course, if you’re not interested in any of these extras, don’t be afraid to ask for a better offer!


    Don’t let the pressure get you down you have the freedom to walk out of any store at any time if they can’t give you what you’re looking for.

    Although diamond stores are very good at buying diamonds, they’re not always the best choice when selling an old engagement ring or any other jewelry.


    If you don’t want to shop around and wait for the store to make an offer on your old engagement ring, selling it yourself can be a good option. It takes some time and research, but you’ll get more cash if you do it correctly.


    First and foremost: don’t sell your diamonds online!

    If you want to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your engagement ring or other jewelry, you need to meet with a diamond buyer face-to-face.


    Make an appointment with Chicago Diamond Buyer today so we can give you the cash quote that you deserve!


    Here are some of the most effective ways to sell your old engagement ring or other gold or diamond jewelry:


    ● Jewelry store buy-back programs: Most major jewelers offer this service, but be aware that they give you a lower price than private buyers. They may try to convince you to stay in the store by offering you new items and specials that can’t be found anywhere else.


    ● Craigslist and other online ads: Although you might get a few random offers, chances are you won’t make as much money as if you sell in person. This is because it’s hard for people to see the quality of the ring or your personal situation (are they buying from a young couple who can’t afford a ring, or a bride-to-be looking for a good deal?)


    ● Auction sites: As with Craigslist and other online ads, you run the risk of not getting the best value because your marketing strategy is limited to text descriptions. Craigslist and auction sites offer no buyer protection, so there’s never a guarantee that you’ll get paid.


    ● Local jewelry stores: You can usually get a better price from a private jeweler than you will at a big-box retailer like Zales or Jared, but be careful! Stores will give you the least amount of cash possible because they don’t want to deal with selling it themselves. They also may not give you a fair price if they see your ring as an opportunity to make a much larger profit.


    Here at Chicago Diamond Buyer, we can offer you much more cash than any jeweler or store-up to 75% of the wholesale value!


    We’re happy to meet with you anytime Monday – Saturday, and our friendly staff members are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Don’t waste time with the store offers-come to Chicago Diamond Buyer and let us give you what your ring is really worth!


    Remember not all jewelers pay the same amount on average, it’s 50% off the retail price but can vary depending on the retailer.

    Remember not all jewelers pay the same amount on average, it’s 50% off the retail price but can vary depending on the retailer.


    Chicago Diamond Buyer will give you up to 75% of the value based on how much it weighs, color and clarity.

    To learn more about our cash for diamonds program schedule an appointment today!


    The best way to sell your unwanted jewelry is not online. If you want a higher price, or if you don’t have time to research selling yourself, Chicago Diamond Buyer can help!


    We buy diamonds from customers all over the country and offer up to 75% of their value for those who bring them in themselves-just contact us today!


    Our friendly staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have about our process or how we determine prices.

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