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    Whats My Jewelry Worth - Chicago Diamond Buyer

    If you’re asking “Is my jewelry worth anything?” then you’ve come to the right place. Join us for a discussion about how to answer that very question!

    Are you asking “What is my jewelry worth?”?


    Not hearing much response? That’s what you get when you ask for a stone wall.

    It’s time to turn away from the wall and ask us. In this article, we will answer your question and cover some other interesting points.


    Keep reading to find out how much your jewelry is worth.


    How Is Jewelry Evaluated?

    Whats The Value Of My Jewelry - Chicago Diamond Buyer


    When selling any type of designer or diamond jewelry, you can expect to receive, anywhere from 30% to 50% of the original sale price. 


    The exact percentage available to you will be stringent upon various factors, such as condition, demand, type, and brand.

    In most cases, somebody would recommend you to get an appraisal. Or maybe you have already had one done. However, that can prove to be a problem in the near future.


    You should think twice about getting an appraisal or using it as an identifier for the price if you’re planning on selling your jewelry.

    Why? Because not only will you lose money for having the appraisal done. But you will also receive an inflated value, mainly used for insurance purposes. 


    It is not indicative of the resell value. And by any means, not a cash offer that you will be able to receive.

    That’s why you need to go through the process of evaluation, which is completed by an experienced jewelry specialist. 


    Retail vs Resell Price

    It’s your turn to experience your first jewelry sale, and you’re left wondering “What is my jewelry worth?”. So hearing something along the lines of “it will only be worth 30% to 50% of the purchase price” – you must be left unshaken. 


    So to clarify your doubts, it’s best to comprehend the differences between resell and retail prices.


    Retail Price

    Retail price is a term used to represent the original purchase price for a specific jewelry piece. If you go to a jewelry store, you will often find the retail price being at 200% or more markup.


    Resell Price

    Resell price is a term used to represent the amount of money you can receive for selling the jewelry on a second-hand market.

    And in practice, like any other item depreciating in value. Your jewelry does as well.


    Even if you’ve never worn it and it’s in perfect condition, you shall still see a significant drop in the mentioned percentage earlier.


    What Factors Have a Direct Effect on Jewelry Value?

    As mentioned in the beginning, the value of your jewelry is stringent upon the many factors, such as demand, type, size, condition, brand.


    So if you’re looking for an accurate evaluation, you should be aware of these factors in regards to your jewelry piece.


    The Brand

    Depending on the type of brand that your jewelry piece is – it might or might not hold value on the second-hand market.


    However, in the worst-case scenario – you can expect to see a value drop of about 50%.


    The Collection

    After the brand, comes the collection. Depending on the collection, the jewelry piece might or might not be in fashion during that time frame. Further affecting if the piece is holding value or depreciating.


    The Stones

    A luxury jewelry piece comes with luxury stones. So depending on the carat weight and condition – the value will change as well. Determine the type of stone and weight.


    The Metals

    Luxury jewelry is made from the purest composite alloys or structured metals, such as gold, platinum, titanium, sterling silver.


    The Condition

    Jewelry can come in various conditions. Well-cared-for pieces will hold their value better than those that have been put through repair and damage.


    The Certification

    If you possess diamond jewelry, it might have been sold to you with certification from a lab like GIA. The report should hold the qualities of the diamond, and increase the value on the premise of accurate analysis.


    The Box and Papers

    Your jewelry may or may not have come with some sort of packaging. These materials are valuable to collectors and will increase their value. Not to mention you can reference the documentation to gather all of the information above.


    If you have all of the information prepared, get in touch with us to get your jewelry evaluated.


    Jewelry Selling Options

    When it comes to selling your jewelry, there are plenty of opportunities.


    Long processes such as auctions, private ads, local consignment are outdated and don’t guarantee the sale.

    By skipping the middle man, and selling to a trusted diamond and jewelry buyer like us (Chicago Diamond Buyer). You will receive an expedited evaluation, accurate offers, and reported value determinations.


    So what separates us from the rest of the buyers? Let’s investigate:


    Specialist Staff 

    Our team of gemologists are specialized in GIA certification, and has lots of experience and comprehend all of the faculties that go into second-hand market sales.


    Dedicated Manager

    When selling your piece, you will be connected with a dedicated manager who will walk with you the entire path from evaluation to sale. Don’t be shy to ask questions.


    Local to Chicago

    Our clients are local to the Chicago area, and we take pride in that. Our offices are open to all, and we are looking forward to seeing you.


    Online or In-Person Evaluation

    We provide online evaluations but do not partake in remote transactions. To complete the sale, you have to visit our location for an accurate assessment.



    Our service is free, even if the offer is declined by you. There are no commissions or fees in the final price.



    The entire process does not take more than 48 hours and usually is completed within 24 hours.



    If you choose to become our client, we will meet with you in our secure office and we take your privacy very seriously. Always beware of diamond buyers that ask to meet you on the street or in a jewelry store as this is shady.


    A reputable diamond and jewelry buyer will have a proper office in a secure location.



    We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and have been trusted to do this for many years.



    We strive to captivate the sales process of luxury jewelry sales – and make it as enjoyable and seamless as the process of buying them.


    What Is My Jewelry Worth? Let’s Find Out.

    What Is My Jewelry Worth - Chicago Diamond Buyer


    Now that you understand how to determine the answer to the question of “What is my jewelry worth?”. You are well on your way to making the sale.


    If you would like to work with us, fill out our online form and you may include images of your items. A dedicated manager will get in touch with you and provide you with information and answer any remaining questions. 


    Schedule an appointment, and our team of gemologists will evaluate your jewelry. After this, we can provide you with a full and final offer.


    It can be accepted by cash, wire, or check. If you are not happy with the offer, you get your jewelry back without hassle.


    Good luck.

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