The Best Way to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry (Hint: It’s Not Online)

It happens to the best of us: you finally get engaged and realize that your diamond engagement ring is too small, too big, or just not right for your hand. Or maybe you’ve been married for a few years and still haven’t found the perfect jewelry to go with all those outfits. Whatever the reason, …

What to Consider When Choosing a Jewelry Buyer in Chicago

There are many reasons to sell your old jewelry, but how can you choose a buyer? This guide explains what to consider when choosing a jewelry buyer in Chicago. Almost everybody can use an extra income. 45% of Americans are working some sort of the second job, for example. Some are working extra to increase …

7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Where To Sell Diamond Jewelry

If you are looking to sell your jewelry, then you should keep these seven secrets in mind about where to sell diamond jewelry, so you get the best deal.

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