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    Have a diamond ring you want to get the best return on? This guide will give you everything you need to know about how to sell a diamond ring in Chicago.

    Do you have a diamond ring that you’re looking to sell? Maybe you had a marriage or relationship that fell through. Perhaps you inherited a diamond ring from a deceased relative.


    Whatever the case might be, you’ll want to learn about the best way to sell diamond rings in Chicago. Doing so can help you get the best return possible and help you find a place to sell jewelry in the future.


    Be sure to see below for an in-depth guide on how to sell your diamond ring in Chicago and what you should look for in the diamond buyer that you work with.


    Perform Research on Your Diamond Ring

    Before you go shopping for the right price to sell your diamond ring, you need to know what you’re working with.


    Too many people go to a diamond buyer with little to no knowledge of the ring that they’re trying to sell. That’s like going into a dealership to sell your car without getting the Bluebook value on it.


    Take the time to receive a jewelry appraisal from a trustworthy source. The appraisal will help you understand how much your diamond ring is worth and give you documentation to state its value moving forward.


    That documentation can give you more momentum in your negotiations with a diamond buyer. They can either honor the price on the appraisal, exceed it, or allow your diamond ring to walk away.


    The appraisal considers several different things. It looks at the ring’s size, diamond, the material of the band, brand, weight of the diamond, and so on to give you a fair appraisal.


    From there, you can take it to the right diamond buyer with confidence, even if you’ve never sold jewelry before.


    Search for the Right Diamond Buyer

    One of the most important pieces of this puzzle is finding the right diamond buyer to work with on selling your diamond ring. Without finding a reputable buyer, you risk being hustled for less than the ring’s total value.


    For that reason, you must use certain tricks to pinpoint the best diamond buyer in Chicago. See below for a few tips.


    1. Check the Online Reviews

    Before you take the time to walk into the diamond buyer’s store and negotiate with them on price, you want to make sure you’ll enjoy the experience.


    Fortunately, you can use online reviews to read the comments left behind by previous clientele. They’ll either sing their praises or try to talk you out of ever visiting it for yourself.


    No matter what Chicago diamond buyer you’re looking at, be sure to check both the online ratings and comments left by their clients.


    Take the comments seriously. Envision yourself in their shoes. Did they enjoy working with that diamond buyer? How much did they get for their diamond ring? Have they used them before? Would they recommend them to others?


    No matter what route you take, you want to make sure the online reviews check out. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself in a tough position from the start.


    2. Call Ahead

    Obviously, a majority of the diamond buying process will be handled in person. But there is no harm in calling ahead to learn a bit more about the buyer.


    This is where you can ask them about their process for assessing your diamond. What details do they look for in your jewelry? How long will it take them to offer you a price on it? Will they put that offer in writing? Can you show them multiple pieces at once?


    Calling ahead helps you have the most flawless experience possible. Rather than spending too long in the store or stumbling upon an unprofessional buyer, you’ll have more confidence when stepping into the store for the first time.


    3. Have a Realistic Expectation

    Far too many people walk into the store of a Chicago diamond buyer with excessive expectations for selling their diamond rings. They believe they’ll get close to the amount they initially paid for it.


    However, buying a diamond ring is a lot like buying a new car. Its selling value depreciates a bit as soon as you take it out of the store.


    It’s important to have realistic expectations before walking into the store. This is another reason why calling ahead is such a good idea. You can ask them for their professional opinion on your diamond ring beforehand.


    Of course, the diamond buyer can’t make an official offer until they’ve inspected it in person, so keep that in mind.


    Sell, Don’t Pawn

    Pawning is only a good idea when you have items around your house that are no longer valuable or you’re trying to get rid of quickly.


    If you have a diamond ring in your possession, pawning it is not the answer. To get the maximum value for the ring, you need to sell it to a reputable diamond buyer in Chicago.


    They’ll outline the details of your diamond ring and help you understand why they’re offering you the price that they decide on.

    A pawn shop is merely in it to buy low and sell high. That’s not an ideal transaction for you to get involved in when selling your jewelry.


    Find the Best Opportunity to Sell Diamond Ring in Chicago

    Now that you have seen an in-depth guide highlighting how to find the best method to sell diamond ring in Chicago, be sure to use it to your advantage.


    Be sure to read this article to learn more about the top Chicago jewelry buyer and why you should only do business with them.


    For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via phone at 312-763-5585 and we will be happy to assist you further!

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