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    You’re looking for a Chicago jewelry buyer with a stellar reputation within the community. Look no further than Chicago Diamond Buyer.

    If you’re interested in selling your diamonds, it’s important to work with a jeweler that you trust.


    At some point in time, many people end up with a valuable keepsake or heirloom that has outlived its purpose. For instance, you may have received a piece of diamond jewelry from a loved one who has moved on. A Chicago jewelry buyer can help you take the next step.


    Alternatively, you may have a piece of jewelry that you received from a relationship that ended a long time ago. Either way, you now have a valuable piece of jewelry that will serve you better as cash, rather than a keepsake.


    You may think that finding the best place to sell your diamond jewelry is the easy part. Alternatively, that’s where your adventure will begin.


    You’ll find many places willing to buy your diamond. However, it’s key to know who will offer you the most value.


    To find out more about the top Chicago jewelry buyer, keep reading.


    Getting Started With the Process

    Jewelry Buyer - Chicago Diamond Buyer


    You can prevent a great deal of frustration and disappointment by finding a good Chicago jewelry buyer. It helps to make sure that you choose a jewelry buyer who employs professional diamond and jewelry assessors. Certified assessors are the hallmark of an exceptional service provider.


    If you have owned the jewelry for years and it has sentimental value, you should receive as much compensation as possible when you sell it. An appraisal by a certified expert gemologist can help you ensure that you’re getting the most value for your diamond jewelry.


    When it comes to selling your jewelry, you may have reservations or heard myths about the process. For instance, you may have heard of jewelers switching diamonds.


    However, this kind of issue is the least of your concerns. No reputable diamond buyer can stay in business if they earn this kind of reputation. Accordingly, a professional diamond buyer will never take the chance of disparaging their name with this unfair practice.

    There’s a standard that buyers use to determine the value of diamonds. It’s similar to the Kelly Blue Book for cars.


    However, that value is only the starting point for an appraisal. An expert buyer must examine your diamond to determine its exact value.


    Why It Pays to Work With an Expert Chicago Diamond Buyer

    The diamond buyer will most likely remove the diamond from the setting. This practice enables them to better assess the value of the stone.


    However, rest assured that your jewelry will remain in good condition. Diamond buyers are expert jewelers who know how to remove stones without damaging the setting.


    As an aside, if your ring has baguettes, don’t count on them to increase value to your jewelry. They do add a dazzling effect.

    However, diamond chips don’t add worth to the piece. The value of your jewelry lies in the whole stone.


    It’s in your best interest you take your jewelry to a professional diamond buyer. It’s wise not to take chances with such a valuable commodity.

    A diamond buyer is a much better option compared to an auction house or pawnbroker. They’re a smart resource that can help you get the most value for your keepsake.


    Knowing When to Sell Your Diamond

    It’s also helpful to know when to sell your diamond. There are a couple of things that you should consider as you make this decision – the market environment and your sentiment.


    In many instances, a diamond is a symbol of love. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your diamond jewelry is something that you’re ready to sell. If you’re certain that you’re ready to move forward, however, selling your jewelry to a professional diamond buyer is a great way to access cash immediately.


    It’s important to approach the sale with a clear head. A buyer will not let sentimental value influence their purchasing decision, and you shouldn’t either. Once you offer your jewelry for sale, it’s important to focus on the business aspect of the transaction.

    With this in mind, consider when you’ll sell your jewelry.


    In retail, some seasons are busier than others.


    By considering the retail cycle, you may receive a better price for your diamond jewelry. For example, there’s always increased demand for jewelry around holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.


    Which Chicago Jewelry Buyer Should You Choose?

    Top Chicago Jewelry Buyer - Chicago Diamond Buyer


    It’s in your best interest to choose a diamond buyer when selling your valuable pieces. A professional diamond buyer employs industry experts.


    They’ll give you the best price for your diamond jewelry. You’ll also learn more about your jewelry by working with an expert.

    Before you submit your diamond jewelry for appraisal, make sure to gather any relevant documentation. Once you’ve collected any available documents, you’re ready to book an appointment.


    The diamond buyer will arrange to assess the value of your jewelry. At that point, they’ll determine how much they’re willing to offer you for your piece. Now, you can decide whether to accept the offer.


    Trust Us to Give You the Best Value for Your Treasure

    Now you know more about finding the best Chicago jewelry buyer, and you’re prepared to sell your jewelry. However, you need an expert that you can trust.


    Chicago Diamond Buyer understands the value of your treasured keepsake. We’re a trusted Chicago jewelry buyer and are committed to making the process of selling your diamond go as smoothly as possible.


    For more than a decade and a half, we’ve served as the top diamond buyer in Chicago. Our expert, GIA-certified jewelers can help you receive the most value for your diamond keepsake.


    Contact a friendly Chicago Diamond Buyer specialist today at (312) 763-5585 to find out more about selling your diamond jewelry or to book an appraisal appointment.

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